Timber Line Train by WOOD Magazine

Please note:  Plan and each kit are sold separately.  This is not a ready-to-assemble product. You must be a woodworking that can fabricate the train. We offer the plan and the parts for building the train, but you supply the other wood needed to make the train. 

All aboard! This is your ticket for large-gauge fun as we kick off the WOOD Timber Line Express train series. Get your toymaker dreams on track with the first installment of our new train series: the Timber Line Express. You can also use your imagination and design your own cars using the chassis part of this plan to get started. We offer 2 design-your-own. A single kit or a 5 unit kit. 

We're leaving the station with this classic engine and tender, along with a big loop of track–the perfect setup to build a head of steam for more cars, tracks, and accessories to come in future issues. We'll tackle this train starting where it meets the tracks: the wheels. Up front, a pivoting assembly called a truck holds the steering wheels. Next come the big driving wheels. Another pivoting truck at the back holds the trailing wheels. We call this a "standard" truck because you'll build two more for the coal tender.

Then we'll take you through the engine frame and body, coal tender, and enough track segments to create a loop. To get you chugging along with ease, we've put together a kit that includes the specialty items like the wheels, pegs, smokestack, and dowels for the boiler, sand dome, and water dome. This project is an exercise in crafting small parts, so consider first building the "Small-Parts Tablesaw Sled" (plan included!) to help you safely and accurately cut them to size.

Overall Dimensions:
Steam engine: 3-3/8"W x 12 3/4"L x 4-1/8"H

Coal tender: 3-1/16"W x 8-3/4"L x 3-15/16"H
Track (14-segment loop): 29"W x 65-3/4"L x 1"H


WOOD Magazine Train with optional plan sold separately.


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