WOOD Magazine Bread Knife Blades

  • WOOD Magazine Bread Knife Hardware Kit includes one stainless steel serrated bread knife blade (10.625" with 10.25" center to center hole distance, 0.016 steel thickness, 0.469" width), two stainless screws and leather for the handle. Item#300BK 
    • Order 1-19 for $7.75 each Order
    • 20 - up for $7.25
  • Blade only (no screws/no leather)  Item #300BK10.625
    • Order 1-19 $7.00  
    •  Order 20 - up $6.25



  • Scroll down for bread knife pre-laminated project blanks.  Make a quick and easy gift using out blanks, kits and plans.


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WOOD Magazine Bread Knife Plan

  • WOOD Magazine's Bread Knife Plan:
    • Use an ordinary knife to slice bread and you'll end up with odd-shaped pieces and piles of crumbs.  But put this star performer to work and you'll get evenly sliced pieces every time, thanks to our offset shape and special serrated blade (sold separately). To make it, you'll need just a bandsaw, router, drum sander and this full-sized pattern/step-by-step instructions.  Use our pre-laminated project blanks to make this a quick & easy gift project. (sold separately).
  • Plan # MD-00452







WOOD Magazine Bread Knife Plan #MD-00452


  • Available
  • Ships within 3-7 days